Friday, December 01, 2006

Marketing tactics

Companies employ marketing personnel to draft and execute marketing plans. The basic aim of these marketing plans is to increase consumer interest, and hopefully purchase of the company's products and or services.

One such marketing tactic, plan, idea whatever you want to call it, is to give away products for free. I am guessing (since I am not a marketing 'expert') that the marketers believe that once a person comes to get the 'free product' they will 'buy' an additional product.

Marketers! guess what? If that person is 'tiredofbeingbroke', that tactic WILL NOT work. The past few weeks I have gotten a few coupons from one of my favorite under wear store Ms. Vickie. The coupons all say one free panty 'no purchase' necessary. However, there are other offers on the coupon $10 off some kinda fancy, smancy bra.

I love 'free', and am not about to pass up a 'free' anything as long as I can use it. So, I head into Vickies, coupon in hand, head straight for the table with the 'freebies'. It is to the point where I know off hand which undie qualifies for the free purchase, and where the table with them is located.

Am not interested in the nice displays, or any other offer you might have that is not free. News Flash I am not buying anything. I will get my free undie and stand in line like all the other customers and then keep it moving.

Keep the 'free' coupons coming my marketing friends.


Save Sheila said...

I work in marketing, but I'm the same as you. I went and got my free panties and walked out with only them. I absolutely will not get something else. I am paying off my debt and I won't fall for the marketing ploys (since I do that for a living)!

hazygrey said...

I love those coupons! I managed to get 3 free panties the past year and did not buy anything from there.

Tired of being broke said...

Sheila they can market all they want. Am not buying.

Hazygrey I have gotton 2 in the month of November alone.

I love them.

Bklyn Diva said...

LMAO.. I get them too and I use them.. I also get them from certain magazines I subscribe to.. and the funny part is they say only white BUT since they never have white at the store I go to :) I get whatever color i want LOL